February 4, 2022

English Bulldogs: What You Need to Know

English Bulldogs are known for being thick, solid, stocky, and friendly little (not so little) dogs. Their wrinkled face and broad build make them very recognizable and you can’t help but love them! English Bulldogs are truly like no other and make great companions. They have an easygoing and friendly personality and while you usually see them enjoying a nap, don’t let that fool you! These dogs love a brisk walk and to play outside. English Bulldogs make a great family pet because they are very people oriented. They are sweet, friendly, gentle, playful and are great nappers! Because of their short snout, you will always hear when an English Bulldog is in the room because of their labored breathing (and probably snoring). These 50 pounds Bulldogs are a powerhouse that don’t require a lot. They make great apartment dogs and will be more low endurance than other breeds. Because of their stocky body and short snout, they don’t do well in warm climates and can overheat easily, so your A/C will be their best friend in the summer. We love English Bulldogs, and if you are looking to make an addition to your family, they are a great choice.

How Much is an English Bulldog

We always recommend adopting and rescuing dogs, not only for ethical reasons but it will be more cost-effective. Keep an eye out for your local shelters and adoption boards because you never know when a Bulldog will be looking for a home. We do understand that this isn’t possible for everyone and if you are looking for a bulldog and choose a breeder, always make sure they are reputable and you do your proper research. 

You will want to find a breeder who has been breeding for a couple of years and can provide you information on the puppy’s parents and past families. In addition, your bulldog should never be shipped to you! If this is the route you take, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000 for an English Bulldog. This will depend on your location, the breeders' location and their rates. English Bulldogs are a very popular breed and it will be costly to get one!

How to Take Care of an English Bulldog

As mentioned, bulldogs have very short snouts, meaning they have some very specific health concerns that as a English Bulldog owner, you will have to be aware of in order to properly care for your bulldog. Dental diseases are very common in this breed. Make sure to clean your dog's teeth regularly and check to make sure they look clean of bacteria or tartar build up. 

In addition, due to their short snout - your bulldog can have many breathing issues. One way to maintain their health and monitor this is to keep them at a healthy weight. Your English Bulldog should be going on at least 1 walk a day and stick to a solid diet to keep them at their ideal weight (50 for females, 54 for males). Their wrinkled face and skin is another common concern, to avoid acne, fungus, infection - keep your bulldogs wrinkles clean and dry! 

Overall, while this breed is susceptible to more health issues, if you properly care for your bulldog they won’t be an issue. Our simple go to’s for this breed is to keep them at a healthy weight, brush their teeth daily, limit heat, keep an eye on their breathing! If you do this, you will be okay and always consult your vet if anything out of the ordinary starts to occur. 

How Long do Bulldogs Live

Bulldogs do have a longer lifespan in comparison to some other breeds. Which most people find shocking because of their health concerns. But, bulldogs will live between 8 to 10 years old if they stay healthy and happy! So you do not need to worry, because they will be with you for a while.

Whether you are about to get an English Bulldog puppy or are adopting an older bulldog, you are getting a companion for life. These loyal, fun, silly dogs will make a great addition to your life and family. This article will help prepare you for this new family member and tell you everything you need to know as you prepare for your bulldog. We love English Bulldogs and hope that you do too! 

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