$39 Private Puppy Training Session

You should live a life with a happy and well-behaved dog that melts your stress away when you are around them...not add to it.

Typically a $99 Cost / Session
Private Session for 60% off (SAVE $60!)

The truth is the majority of bad dog behaviors come from improper (or lack of) training during the puppy years.

Puppy biting can lead to destroyed furniture or, even worse, adult biting.
Lack of proper potty training leads to a lifetime of stained carpets and smelly surprises.
Poor crate training and absence of separation anxiety training can lead to home destruction, excessive barking, etc.
Inconsistent recall can result in life-threatening situations like car accidents.

Training your dog in the most critical time of their life will save you a lot of time, money, and frustration later on.

Puppy training is essentially as important as taking them to the vet.

With our worthwhile and affordable private puppy training session, you will be confident that your puppy will be on its way to become a well-behaved dog that listens to you. 

Private Session for 60% off (SAVE $60!)

Your puppy is ready for school!

You will get one PRIVATE virtual training session with an experienced trainer to teach you and your puppy the fundamentals of puppy training and beyond. Depending on what your puppy needs, we will cover topics like:

Private Session for 60% off (SAVE $60!)

Here is What You'll Get

  • 1 PRIVATE Virtual Session using positive reinforcement training methods
  • Day-by-day 1-week training schedule/checklist specific to your puppy and lifestyle
  • Detailed, clear written instructions to help guide you between each session
  • Guidance beyond the sessions for any questions or concerns
  • Certificate of Completion
  • FREE "Top 10 Must Know Puppy Training Commands" Ebook
Past Customers Have Loved Virtual Training

Virtual Training is effective and it’s done right in the comfort of your home at a time that works for you, what’s not to love!

Limited Offer, Act Today
$60.00 Savings

Here's how it all works:

🐾 Step 1
You purchase the session at $49, that’s $50 in SAVINGS!
🐾Step 2
One of our experienced trainers will reach out to you for a quick phone call to set up the session and to ask you some questions about your cute pup.
🐾Step 3
During the session, our coach and their doggie assistant will meet you virtually (link will be sent via email) where the training will take place.
🐾Step 4
After the session, you will receive a day-by-day training schedule/checklist along with detailed instructions to make your life easier.
🐾Step 5
You will also receive a certificate of completion with your pup's name on it. We also give “good dog” discounts for returning customers to continue training with us if you would like! 
Private Session for only $39 (value of $99)

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What is a Personalized Program?

Don't wait until your puppy's behaviors become a problem that is much harder (and more expensive) for you to un-train! The average cost of private training is $140 per session. Ouch! 

We created virtual PRIVATE training to bring you high-quality training at an affordable price of $39, but we are giving out some holiday love with a full session for more than ½ off! You save $60!!

Sessions are done right in the comfort of your own home
Sessions that work around your schedule.
Save money and time by not having to drive. No scary or uncomfortable car rides here!
The only 1-on-1 program that provides you with a day-by-day personalized schedule for you and your lifestyle.
This is a limited offer, start today!

Start Training Your Puppy Today

Don't let your puppy's bad behaviors become severe problems in the future. Ingrained bad behaviors are double the time, money, and effort to untrain.
Take this precious moment where your puppy is more easily trainable to train them the right way.

Did You Know?

You have to teach your dog to be alone, so they don't develop separation anxiety?
That you may, unknowingly, be establishing bad behaviors?
Your specific lifestyle is an important factor in puppy training success?
Your dog should be a wonderful companion, not a hassle. Do your future self a favor; you won't regret it! 

But wait there's more!

We will add in bonus gifts and training!
✔️ Private Virtual Training Session (value $99) $39!
✔️ Free "Top 10 Must Know Puppy Training Commands"
E-book (Value $19.95)
✔️ BONUS: Separation Anxiety prevention training (value: $30)
✔️ Day-by-day personalized schedule
✔️ Detailed Training instructions
✔️ Out-of-session help
✔️ Certificate of completion
$ 148.95 USD
$ 39.00 USD
Yes, I Want To Help My Puppy Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How does virtual 1-on-1 training work?

You will receive a link to meet virtually via Zoom. One of our coaches will be with their dog assistant to walk you through the training during the session. Our dog assistants allow us to show you how to perform each command, etc., so you can visualize it and repeat it with your pup!

What happens if I hold off on training my puppy?

Training becomes more difficult as your puppy ages. Improper or lack of training reinforces bad behaviors over time, which means that you will have to spend more time, money, and effort in the future to untrain the harmful behaviors.

What if I can't remember everything from the session and need help?

Along with the detailed written instructions we give you after each session, your coach is there for you! You can text, call, or email your coach with any questions. They are with you every step of the way.

What if I can't make the scheduled virtual session?

Let your coach know at least two hours before the session, and they will gladly reschedule to another time that works best for you.

Does this program use punishment or any negative reinforcement?

Nope! We only train using positive reinforcement. In the years of training, that is the best and most effective way to train your dog.

Will my puppy always have to use treats to get him to listen?

Although treats are a total must to establish behaviors, we definitely don't want that to be the case forever. We teach you how to know when you can start weaning off treats.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you and your puppy!

Millie Baylac

P.S. In case you scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page before reading anything else (like I do), here's the deal:

For a limited time we are offering a private virtual training session with an experienced trainer for only $39 (typically $99)! Now that’s something to wag your tail for!

Private Session for 60% off (SAVE $60!)