The Mission
Dog Exercise Coach

We’re on a mission to help boost your dog's health with affordable & personalized dog exercise plans that bring the canine fitness center to your home.

Our Story

This is Kemba, Andrew’s dog. She’s rambunctious and intelligent - classic husky.This year wasn’t a good year for Kemba as she tore her ACL and had to get surgery. Andrew had to drive hours each week to expensive sessions at the rehab center. While waiting in the parking lot during yet another therapy session across town -  an idea came to mind. Is there a professional, virtual dog exercise service that can be done from home? 

Andrew got together with Millie (Lead Dog Coach) to talk about starting a virtual training and exercise service. She too had her own journey with her senior dog - Lucas - who had trouble walking due to arthritis, but couldn’t afford the rehab center at the time. Millie's Background as a vet assistant, dog trainer, and a dog owner to a senior dog (and stubborn puppy) allowed her to leverage her unique expertise for others in Andrew’s situation. 

And that is how Dog Exercise Coach started. Bringing an affordable personalized and virtual training and exercise service that connects you to experienced coaches. Our mission is to help you take the lead on making your best fur-friend healthier, happier, and well-trained right in the comfort of your own home. From one concerned pet parent to another.  

We are a supplement to your dog’s health and recognize that there are cases that require a canine physical therapist. Want to learn how we can help your pet? Sign up for a free consultation today!

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