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Dog Exercise Coach and 923 Pets, LLC is not physical therapy and our coach's are not trained to perform any physical therapy for your dog. Our dog exercise programs are designed to strengthen your dog's health - an active dog is a happy dog!
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Be Confident About Your Dog's Health

The truth is... proper exercise promotes health and can prevent and treat diseases in dogs. It's imperative that the exercise is appropriate for your dog's condition, age, & state of health.

Our programs are tailored for your dog's specific needs. You won't have to waste your precious time researching and guessing what to do for your dog to try to see what may work. We got you covered.

Schedule the sessions at a time that works for your busy life and save your valuable time. You only have so much time in a day. We found an effective way to do sessions virtually right in the comfort of your own home. No getting your dog in and out of the car fuss. Less time driving means more time playing with your furry friend!

A free, no obligation 15-minute consultation, you got nothing to lose and so much to gain! You get to know us, we get to know you and your adorable dog - risk free. You're not required to purchase anything for this consultation. Fill out the form below to get started, your dog will thank you.