April 6, 2022

Yorkshire Terrier: What You Need to Know

Yorkshire Terriers are an adorable small breed dog. They are very recognizable by their pointy ears that stand straight up! But there are many other recognizable features to a Yorkshire Terrier. They have soft and smooth two-toned hair that sits quite perfectly against their adorable small faces and hangs evenly throughout their body. They have a regal and confident look to them, and all for good reason. This small and sassy dog is full of love and bonds closely with their humans. They have big personalities and fit well in big cities and apartment living. But with having a charming Yorkshire Terrier, you must take the time to train them.

They are an extremely intelligent dog breed, with some quirks. They can be skittish, stubborn and even feel a little overwhelmed at times. But with positive training and slow interactions, you can train your Yorkshire Terrier puppy to be your ultimate lap dog, best friend, companion and constant entertainment. 

If you’re ready to add a Yorkshire Terrier puppy to your life, we will outline some other key things you should know about the breed! 

How Big Does a Yorkshire Terrier Get:

Yorkshire Terriers are a small breed. In fact, they are very small - which is what makes them such great lap dogs. A full grown Yorkshire Terrier will grow to be about 8 - 9 inches tall and weigh about 7 pounds. 

You may have also heard of Teacup Yorkies. Teacup Yorkshire Terrier puppies were bred to be even smaller than the original breed. ​A Teacup Yorkie will be about 5 to 7 inches tall and weigh about 2 to 4 pounds. We encourage dog owners to do lots of research about the Teacup Yorkie breed. Because they were bred specifically to be smaller, they can have lots of health issues and overall, a shorter life expectancy than the Yorkshire Terrier. 

With that, a Yorkshire Terrier will live to be about 13 - 16 years old. This is a great, long, life for a dog. Some Yorkshire Terriers have been reported to live up to 20 years!

Yorkshire Terrier Adoption: 

If you’re considering getting a Yorkshire Terrier, we always recommend adoption or rescue. You can do this by going to and reaching out to local adoption centers. You never know what puppy will be waiting to find their next home here. But, we also understand that you can’t always adopt or rescue your desired breed. 

If you are looking into getting a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and haven’t found a rescue, you can look into breeders. Do your research and find a reputable breeder with experience, good reviews, and that you trust. They will cost anywhere between $1,500 to $3,000. It depends on where you live, the breeder and the breeds overall health and lineage. 

How to Groom a Yorkshire Terrier:

A very common question we get about this breed is how to groom a Yorkie. They are known for their beautiful coat, so it makes sense why you would want to know how to keep it looking beautiful! You can very easily groom your Yorkshire Terrier at home by getting a grooming brush. 

To groom your Yorkie at home, make sure your pup's hair is completely dry (Yorkies hair is extremely difficult to groom when wet) and brush in downward strokes. Start from the head and neck, move towards the body and legs. Brush until their hair is straight and smooth. You can do a full bath bi-weekly to maintain a shiny and soft coat. 

If you choose to get them professionally groomed, you can take them to a groomer every 6 weeks! We recommend taking them to a professional groomer for hair cuts and trims especially. Either way, you can’t go wrong and will love your Yorkies smooth and shiny hair. 

We love Yorkshire Terriers and if you didn’t before, we hope this blog post shows you how great they are. If you live in the city and are looking to add a dog to your life, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy is the perfect addition. 

You will have endless cuddles, a sassy and strong personality friend, a guard dog and loyal companion. You truly can’t go wrong and we’re excited for you to experience the love that comes with owning a Yorkshire Terrier.

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