January 31, 2022

French Bulldogs: What You Need to Know

French Bulldogs are a very popular breed - and for good reason! French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are adorable miniature bulldogs with large pointy ears and short legs (and a cute wrinkled face that everyone loves). French Bulldogs are known for being very well-tempered and alert. Which is what makes them a great watch dog! Yup, little French Bulldogs make great watch dogs and there is not much that will get past them. In addition, they are very sociable and personable - making them great companion dogs. Typically, they will get along with other dogs and people very easily! You also don’t have to worry about them being too crazy, they are fairly quiet and low energy dogs. While every dog needs everyday movement, you won’t need to go on crazy long walks to get your French Bulldog properly worn out. Anyone would be a good fit for a French Bulldog, but you will typically see them paired with someone who lives in a city! Their small size and minimum exercise requirements make them fit well into a city residence and you will see them strutting through the city with ease. There is a lot to learn about French Bulldogs, especially if you are considering getting one. We’ll help go through the basics!

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

Frenchies are a small size breed. They will only get to be 11-13 inches tall and weigh under 28 pounds. With some of their bulldog characteristics, you can expect them to look stocky and sturdy, with a wider chest. Whether you get a male or female French Bulldog, there won’t be much of a size difference and they will always have a similar body composition. 

How Long do French Bulldogs Live?

French Bulldogs have a long life expectancy! On average, they live between 10-12 years old. They are a great life companion who will be in your life for a long time. 

Where to Buy a French Bulldog?

We always recommend adopting your pet. But we get it, for certain breeds, it can be more difficult to adopt. It is possible to rescue and adopt a French Bulldog, you just have to do a little research. Try looking at the AKC for a list of Frenchie rescues that need a home right now! If you haven’t had any luck and are still looking for your French Bulldog, you can find a French Bulldog breeder. You will want to do your research, be diligent and safe, and find a breeder that follows protocols and treats their puppies right. 

How Much Are French Bulldogs?

If you have chosen to go the breeder route, then finding a French Bulldog is going to be more expensive. The price will depend on what state you live in, but the range can be anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. The price will be on the higher end, especially if you find a good breeder. They are a pretty costly dog, but will always be worth it! You can always look into rescuing your French Bulldog for a much cheaper price tag. 

Grooming Your French Bulldog

Like most breeds, French Bulldogs will require grooming. But, they have a short coat and don’t shed that often - so their grooming can be less often and not super intense! We recommend brushing them once a week at home to keep their skin and coat staying healthy and looking shiny and clean. Because of their “squished” face, they are susceptible to breathing, eye and skin problems. Keeping these areas clean and dry will be very important for your Frenchie and help to prevent health issues. 

French Bulldog Health

French Bulldogs are known for having some breathing and health issues due to their shortened facial structure. Because of this “squished” face, they are susceptible to breathing, eye and skin problems. Keeping these areas clean and dry will be very important for your Frenchie and help to prevent health issues. You will also want to always help them stay clear of pools and bodies of water. Due to their breathing struggles and top-heavy bodies, swimming is very difficult for them. We recommend keeping up with regular vet visits and staying on top of their grooming and weight. If you do that - you and your Frenchie will be in good health!

Overall, Frenchies are a great, cute, little breed and will make a great addition to your life. They will always keep a watchful eye on you and are always down to lay on the couch and be lazy. They have a big heart, but can have a sassy, full-of-life personality! You can’t go wrong with making the choice to get a French Bulldog and whether you get one through a breeder, adoption or rescue, you will have a lifelong friend who keeps you entertained, safe and happy. 

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